Hi! I’m A.J.

a.j. mcginnisEditing Experience

I was ten when I received my first love letter from a boy in my class.  I carefully read it through before handing it back to him and, as kindly as possible, began pointing out the spelling and grammar mistakes he’d made.  

Yeah, I was a socially awkward kid.  The memory still makes me cringe (I’m sorry, Rob!), but it also reminds me that I’ve loved what I do even from an early age.  

I started out editing for friends and coworkers about fifteen years ago for the sheer joy of it, then friends of friends, and from there, interest in my services just kept growing and I realized that I could make a living doing it.  Now editing has become my career, and I couldn’t be happier!

While fantasy, romance, and erotica are currently my main focus, they are not the only genres I edit.  I’ve edited blog articles, press releases, newsletters, sci-fi, memoirs, projects for ESL writers, children’s books, and a mystery or two, and I’m always open to others.  

So that it’s clear for those who may be too shy to ask: I am a sex-positive writer and editor.  I am also LGBTQIA+, kink, poly, and furry friendly.  

Writing Experience 

My call into writing began over fifteen years ago when I immersed myself in several online fandoms and began writing fanfiction.  I began to create my own worlds and characters from that foundation, weaving stories of fantasy, sci-fi, and romance.  I branched out into writing website content for nonprofits, tech bloggers, and others part-time starting about ten years ago. 

More recently, I’ve begun publishing a variety of romance and erotica under several pen names, and someday hope to publish a series of fantasy novels.  

Life Experience

Born and raised in the United States, I led a pretty nondescript childhood on the east coast.  I earned a bachelor’s degree in psychology because college degrees were The Thing at the time, followed up by further education in human sexuality, before realizing that I just wanted to write.  After that light bulb went off, I started taking classes in creative writing and editing instead.  Since then, I met my partner, found myself adopted by two lovely kitties, and flew to Sweden and never left. 

I’m an avid reader of fantasy, romance, and erotica when I’m not writing or editing it.  I also love playing video games— action role-playing games and horror are by far my favorites!

Want to see what we can accomplish together?