Frequently Asked Questions

"How much will it cost?"

While I’d love to just slap a list of prices on the website for you to look at, it’s not that simple.  Each project is unique, and every quote will be specific to that project.  The rate for your particular project is going to depend on the services required and the complexity of the material.  

When it comes to editing, that’s why I always need to see a sample of your writing before I can give you a price quote.  One person may need only light copyediting or simply proofreading, while another may need developmental editing and heavy copyediting followed up by proofreading.  The differences greatly impact the speed at which an editor can work, and therefore will incur different costs.  

But there’s great news– I am more than happy to perform that first sample edit for free!

"What are my payment options?"

Currently, I accept payment through Paypal and Swish.  The currencies I accept are USD, EUR, and SEK.

“What happens if I ask for light editing, but you recommend more extensive editing?”

If I advise you that your work needs additional revision, then it is up to you whether to take the recommendation or to ignore it.  I will not be dishonest with you just to charge you a higher rate.  That said, I will likely decline submissions that require much more work than you are willing to pay for.

“Will you edit my book in exchange for a percentage of the profits?”

No.  While we all hope that your book is the next bestseller, there’s no guarantee that you’ll make money off of it (or that you’ll even see it published).  You’d basically be asking me to work for free, and unfortunately, that doesn’t pay my bills. 

"Will you accept all submissions?"

I will do my best to accommodate everyone, but I reserve the right to refuse work due to scheduling conflicts, lack of expertise, adversarial clients, and subject matter.

"How soon will my project be completed?"

My availability is dependent on my current workload, so while some weeks I might be booked solid, other weeks may have more free time to allow me to take on new projects right away.  When you contact me, I can let you know what my schedule looks like and give you an estimated completion date. 

“Do I need to sign a contract to engage your services?”

Yes.  In order to begin working for you, I’ll send you a copy of an agreement that lays out the scope of the project, the cost, and the schedule for completion.  But don’t worry– it can be signed online! 

"When should I expect to receive a response?”

If you use the submission form on our website, you should receive a ‘Thank you!’ acknowledgment right away.  I regularly check email between 9 AM and 6 PM CET on weekdays and intermittently on weekends.  You should receive a response no later than the next business day.

“Help! Can you write/edit this for me quickly?”

It depends on the size of the project and my availability, but it is possible!  Rush jobs will require an additional rush fee, however, which can be discussed upon request. 

"What will I get back?"

I can use either Microsoft Word or Google Docs, at the client’s preference.  Each processor comes with a tracking feature that shows all of my edits and comments and allows the client to accept or reject any of the marked edits.  Each editing project will be completed with both a tracked document and a ‘clean’ document (with no tracking and all edits accepted) being provided.   

Each writing project will be returned to the client as a .docx file (Microsoft Office) or a .odt file (OpenDocument Text Document).  Other formats are available upon request. 

“What does the process of working with you look like, from start to finish?”

After submitting your project request or a portion of your work for a sample edit, you will receive a confirmation email.  After clarifying any outstanding questions or concerns, a sample edit will be returned (if applicable) as well as a quote.  If you decide to engage my services, a contract will be drawn up and emailed to you to be electronically signed by both of us.  After the contract is signed and the payment for a deposit is received (generally half of the total cost), the project will be completed according to the schedule laid out in the contract.  Once complete, you will be notified and an invoice for the remaining balance due will be sent out.  As soon as the payment has cleared, the completed document(s) will be returned to you via email.

“What counts towards the word count in my document?”

The word count is the number of words in a document or passage of text.  If there are parts of your document that you don’t want to be edited, remove them from the document before submission, otherwise they will be calculated in your final word count.  If the document you submit for editing after receiving a quote contains a higher/lower count, then you will be charged accordingly.

“If my project is large, do I need to commit to the whole thing upfront?”

Of course not!  I am more than happy to break up your manuscript into multiple parts, or just edit the first few chapters so you can decide if working with me is the route you want to take.

“If you edit my work, does that mean that you guarantee that it will be accepted by an agent or a publisher?”

I wish I could, but that’s just not possible.  I’ll try to make your project as polished and free of errors as I possibly can, but ultimately representation and publication are beyond my control. 

What are you waiting for? Drop me a message!